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Enrichment Providers

We have a long tradition in Liverpool of creative organisations working in partnership with local communities to enhance opportunities for children, young people and their families to get involved in arts and other projects. We also have other organisations that can help with food and nutritional projects.

If you would like to enhance and enrich your HAF programme, here are some local organisations that we have partnered with to support the HAF programme. You should contact partners directly to arrange sessions, visits etc. and they will then let us know who has booked in and for how many sessions etc. and we will provide the resources they need directly to them to cover costs.

Obviously availability will depend on our partners capacity, so please bear this in mind.

Friends of Allonby Canoe Club

Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool

Friends of Allonby is a dynamic and challenging city wide family and junior focussed community based kayaking and canoeing club. It’s main centre of activities being located at the Collingwood Dock. Collingwood Dock is next door to the new Everton Stadium build on Regent Road and within the historic Liverpool Waters Development, Collingwood Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool, L3 0AH.

We are offering introductory ‘taster’ sessions to minimum age year 8-9 students the opportunity to come along and as a taster join in an introductory session. There are changing rooms, toilets, kitchen and an enclosed seated area within the arrangements.

Kayaking and canoeing is a dynamic, character building and sometimes challenging sport. Whilst the club covers all aspects of canoeing both recreational and competition. The club’s specialism revolves around the discipline of the team game of Canoe Polo. With goals being suspended at each end on a purposely set out pitch Canoe polo is very much like playing basketball in a kayak on water. We are looking to kick start the next generation of club teams as part of the promotion.

The individual cost to participate will be £10.00 per person, per session. Sessions will need to be booked and paid for a week in advance. Participants will need to complete a consent form prior to being allowed to participate. Further detail to follow at enquiry and on booking confirmation.

www.friendsofallonby.org.uk 07570 526 947 Mike Moffitt

Zorb Events Ltd
Zorb Events Ltd

Zorb Events Ltd

Bubble Football  (Zorb Football), Tag Archery, Dodgeball, Sports Day Events, UV Disco Dodgeball, Football Darts, Golf Darts.

All our activities are done with music in a fun and engaging environment. Our staff are DBS checked and are trained in safeguarding and first aid training. All our activities are provided in a safe environment and risk assessments are carried out.

Contact: Shaun Harper Tel: 07943735030

Site: https://zorbeventsltd.co.uk Email: zorbeventsltd@gmail.com

Dramatic Recovery

Dramatic Recovery

Dramatic Recovery is a mental health arts organisation that uses the power of the arts to explore and tackle mental health issues and emotions. We promote and create positive mental health and well-being through the medium of drama and the arts.

We are a unique mental health service as our methodology entails a creative edge like no other. We offer drama and writing workshops, theatre arts and crafts, creative classes socially prescribed by General Practises, verbatim theatre performances and events that have all been developed to boost well-being and address and break the taboo. 

We would love to hear from you – if you are interested in booking a session with us as part of the HAF programme please get in touch:


anna@dramaticrecovery.co.uk Contact: Anna 07539236008

Park Palace Ponies

Park Palace Ponies

Park Palace Ponies is an inner city starter riding school opened in April 2017 in the Dingle, Toxteth. Park Palace Ponies aims to inspire a new generation of horse riders and to make horse riding more accessible to those in inner city areas. At Park Palace Ponies we offer riding lessons for children aged 7- 10 who have never ridden before. We are ABRS approved and Liverpool City Council registered.


Contact: 0151 708 0624

The Windows Project

The Windows Project has been making writing fun with word games for children on Merseyside play schemes since 1976. Our brightly coloured board-games and fairground-style sideshows may involve throwing a ball, rolling dice, moving counters.  There will be old favourites like The Amazing Push Poem Machine and introducing a brand-new game for the environment Green Earth Soup. Working one-to-one, our experienced writing tutors will help children to write their own poems and stories and add their own artwork which you can display around your centre or post on social media.


windowsproject@btinternet.com Contact: Dave Ward 0771 064 4325

Creative Spaces Co.

Creative Spaces Co.

Creative Spaces Co. brings the arts to parks, green spaces and community buildings across Liverpool. They offer three workshops to HAF providers based on the age and needs of each group. The Story Box brings books to life with interactive storytelling, games and crafts for children under-8. Creative Play sessions bring children together to play, learn and explore. Change Makers is an interactive placard making workshop, young people will explore the national and international history of protest and create a poster based on the issues they care about.


hello@wemakecreativespaces.org Contact: Rachel O’Byrne 0151 374 0405

Merseyside Play Action Council

MPAC (Merseyside Play Action Council)

MPAC has 3 training rooms fully equipped to deliver music production and performance workshops. We also have a large arts and crafts space used to deliver workshops and sessions covering Gelli Printing, Grid Art, Soap Making and Die Cutting. We will invite HAF groups to attend our workshops which are aimed at ages 13+. We run both morning and afternoon sessions using skilled artists.

Mpac Liverpool – YouTube

Please call Ian at MPAC on 0151 708 0468 or email info@merseyplay.com for more information.

Split Perspectivz CIC

Split Perspectivz CIC

We have been in operation since 2020. I am a children’s book author and songwriter who has worked with children for about 10 years, and have two of my own, one with Asperger’s. My colleague, Jude Lennon is a former teacher and a champion of reading. We have delivered 100’s of workshops in many settings on a range of topics, and over 25 thousand book boxes to Merseyside children on Free school meals, and areas without funding. Jude and I are on the Liverpool Literacy core planning group.

We provide workshops to inspire interaction, confidence, team work, achievement, problem solving, empowerment through creativity and storytelling, using giant den building activities, art and props. Resource packs and boxes containing papercrafts, certificates, activities, reading materials, stickers and stationery, access to online features,

Please contact Natalie Reeves Billing on 07785629995 or email jude@littlelambpublishing.co.uk

Cycle of Life

Cycle of Life

Bikeability – Would you like to book Cycle of Life to deliver a cycle training day as part of your holiday programme? Please contact us on admin@col8.org or bookings@col8.org 01512453910 or 07305783899 to enquire and/or book dates for delivery to your group. We are also keen to train your staff to deliver these programmes in the future and would be happy to discuss this further.

Mr Silky Skills

Mr Silky Skills

Richard Braithwaite AKA Mr Silky Skills the professional football freestyle legend and specialist in youth engagement, he continues to make things colourful and inclusive for all.

🔴🔵🟤 S P ⚽️ R T S 






🟢🟡🔴🔵🟤 SILKY 






Football is international whether you call it soccer or football it enhances health and fitness, self esteem and encourages cultural diversity. Richard Braithwaite has found a way to combine all three together using football freestyle silky skills. Through his thirty five years experience in your engagement work he can also teach table tennis, pool, basketball, short tennis to name a few and of course amazing football skills.

He brings young people together to enjoy showing off their creative skills and competitive skills and competitiveness in his projects.

He has a knack of getting everyone involved and has worked with all cultures and backgrounds to continue his integration work through fun for all to maintain excellent community spirit in his city and many others.


For all new clubs booking a one-off session for two hours the fee will be £220 which includes travel. For all new clubs booking two sessions or more the fee will be reduced to £170 which includes travel. For all clubs who have booked me before the fee will be £170 which includes travel. Your bookings will be hugely appreciated and a special thanks to all the groups who have already booked.

My workshops are 2 hours long

I can deliver to 10 young people per workshop

I can teach the basics in Freestyle football – kick ups, knee ups, heading and also a number of my own unique skills

As part of my workshops, the young people will take part in a ‘most kick ups’ competition as well as relay games and ending with a five-a-side football match as everyone enjoys a game at the end of the session

mrsilkyskills@yahoo.co.uk Contact: 07907396027

Squash Liverpool

Squash Liverpool

SQUASH can provide a vibrant and creative learning experience at our Squash HQ and from our community food garden.

We can provide training for staff/volunteer teams (of up to 15 people) – 2 hour session:
Our sessions will provide the inspiration, knowledge, tools, resources and confidence to develop successful healthy-living practice within participants  own venues/projects. Together, we will explore and try out successful hands-on methods for engaging your young people in creative, green, health and well-being. 

– simple ideas to encourage people to incorporate healthy foods in to their diets
– trying and testing easy recipes – great tasting value for money dishes
– tips on how to run really engaging, inclusive workshops/sessions
– practical and inventive ways to engage people with their local natural environment simple container growing for any space using recycled materials healthy

We can provide training for visiting groups of young people (up to 15 people) – 2 hour session:
Squash can host groups of up to 15 young people at our community garden venue for a half day session of hands on practical activities with a food and well-being focus.

Themes for session content include:
– Outdoor cooking / Cooking on a fire
– Food sowing, growing, harvesting
– Pizza making in outdoor oven
– Cooking with the sun using our solar oven


becky@squashliverpool.co.uk Contact: Becky Vipond 0151 7077897

FareShare Merseyside & North Wales

FareShare Merseyside & North Wales

FareShare Merseyside & North Wales (FSM) are pleased to have the opportunity to offer the following services to the HAF providers situated within Liverpool:

Community Food Membership
Holiday Provision Membership per play scheme, 13 weeks per year collection or delivery of 80kg chilled, frozen and or ambient food.  This food will be used to deliver meals and snack to the children and their families attending the play scheme.

Community Pantry
A Community Pantry (or equivalent) is a food scheme that exists to provide a sustainable and affordable source of food to members of the community. Also sometimes known as a ‘Social Supermarket’ or ‘Larder’, a Pantry typically redistributes food that is surplus to individuals through a membership scheme, which provides a certain amount of food items each visit for a set weekly or monthly fee.

Typically, weekly fees range from £2.50 – £5, which gives members access to different categories of food up to an approximate value of £15 – £25 per week. Pantries are distinct from discount supermarkets or foodbanks as they offer members other support services, such as employment or financial advice, and aim to make a wider social impact, for example improving health and well-being and/or reducing social isolation. FareShare Merseyside & North Wales (FSM) are in negotiations with the CAB, creating a partnership approach. FSM will support the setup of a pantry, supply weekly food deliveries consisting of 80 kg frozen, ambient and or chilled food for 13 weeks of the year.  The CAB will provide support services to the pantry’s members for example, debt advice.  Having a CAB representative on site on the day the pantry is available to the community.


Ann.dobie@fareshare.org.uk Contact: Ann Dobie 0795 679 9400    /  0151 486 1139

Other Opportunities