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  • Great imagination – Our blank white masks present that ideal opportunity to use your imagination to conjure up those magical, unique masks of your own taste & design -using paint, felt tips or crayons. Great for arts & crafts, occupy the kids for hours.
  • Other uses – Perfect for Halloween parties as a scary blank face – the masks are great too for the classroom as a DIY project, to decorate & design. Fantastic option for rainy days at home – or create that exciting mysterious atmosphere at birthday parties with these masks.
  • More thoughts – Great for arts & crafts, the blank masks will occupy the kids for hours – with the option to use paint, crayons or felt tips, they will undoubtably be a popular hit at the parties as kids try out their artistic talents!


Key Features:
• White in colour to add your own design
• Made from flexible plastic and coated with cane fibre to easily paint
• Accepts water based paint
• Pre-cut holes for eyes, nose and to add elastic
• Inspire imagination with this fun craft project
• Perfect for Halloween and fancy dress

Trick or treating just isn’t the same without a costume – and with a fully customisable plain white mask, children can disguise themselves as whatever they like! These face masks are traditionally shaped and fully flexible for the perfect fit, and use an easy to decorate cane fibre coating that accepts all water-based paints. Please note the masks are white – image is for illustrative purposes only.

As the masks are made from plastic, they are highly durable and can even be worn year after year! The flexibility of the plastic also makes them comfortable for all face shapes and sizes and can be worn by children of all ages. There are pre-cut holes in the eyes and nose for easy breathing and visibility for safety, as well as holes to tie elastic so the mask can be worn.

This plastic is coated with can fibre, which is similar to papier-mâché and allows the application of water-based paints. As water-based paints are the most popular in the school and the home, it is unlikely you will need to purchase additional materials to decorate the masks so children can get started right away!

Creating their own mask will help children develop their art skills, creativity and imagination, through either re-creating their favourite superhero or villain, or making up a scary character of their own. Unlike with a pre-made mask, children can also dress up as less popular characters that they like and stand out from a crowd wearing the same characters again and again. For an even spookier look, they can even wear the mask plain for an anonymous scare!

Although children will love seeing their creations come to life at Halloween, the masks are also great for fancy dress parties, Christmas themed events and more.

• H: 22cm
• W: 16cm
• D: 7.5cm

Pack of 10. Masks are plain white – image for illustrative purposes only.

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