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Finger Paints 500ml.

Finger Paints 500ml.



Our Classmates Finger Paints are ready mixed and convenient to use, they are water based and safe for the youngest user. Supplied in an extra-large diameter 500ml tub – perfect sized for little people to utilise the whole of their hand during finger painting. Contains an embittering agent to deter young mouths, designed to prevent licking and swallowing the paint, making it safer for very young children.

  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Small children can fit their whole hand straight into the tub.
  • Safer for children with lick deterrent designed to prevent licking and swallowing the paint.
  • Cleaner in use, reduced paint spills.
  • Non-drip consistency.
  • Available in a range of 18 colours including strong and bright solid colours, vivid fluorescent colours, and dazzling glitter colours.

The preservatives in our Classmates Finger Paints are non-toxic and are wheat and gluten free which makes them suitable from 10months+. We would, however, advise that all paint is used under adult supervision.


  • Perfect for toddlers and younger children to explore their creative talent
  • Excellent for finger painting
  • Easily washable with soap and water
  • Available in standard, fluorescent and glitter colours

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Brilliant red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black