MPAC is an umbrella organisation that offers services based on the needs of child centred organisations. We are a one-stop shop for organisations to gain support, advice and guidance. We feel that providing services which enable child centred organisation’s to strive and achieve is essential to the growth of communities and the young people within it.

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MPAC are a registered body with the Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Service.  This means we can support organisations and their staff and volunteers in applying for a DBS certificate.

Our charges;

Volunteer    £7.50

Paid employee or a person who will make monetary gain from their DBS   £56.00

This service is available Tuesdays & Thursdays between 9.30am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm - 4.00pm

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Liverpool Play Partnership grants are rolled out six times a year to coincide with each school holiday period. Organisations that have been awarded a previous grant will receive regular emails making them aware of when future grants are open for applications. 




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We offer a service to our members which will support their capacity building.  Offering support in how to produce policies and procedure which are unique to the individual organisation.  Having the knowledge and experience to signpost for funding opportunities.

MPAC aim to build the capacity of organisations that provide services to children, young people and the wider community.  Supporting fledgling groups in the growth to organisation and leaving them with the reassurance they can return to MPAC for guidance.  Our existing members access MPAC services for the continuing growth and sustainability of their organisation.  The services of our members reflect the needs of their communities.




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Our Hotdesking service is becoming increasingly popular.  We offer the use of one of our smaller offices for a daily and half day fee. Ideal for charities, small businesses, freelancers and anyone who needs to rent desk space on a flexible basis.

Registered users will have access to:-

Laptop plug-in facilities.

Broadband internet.

Fax and printer.

Locked filling cabinet.

Discounted photocopying.

Rooms for client meetings.

Use of shared kitchen facilities.



Desk space will be rented via a booking system.